Meaningful Diplomas

Meaningful Diplomas

The incumbent Superintendent likes to claim that the NC graduation rate has increased "to an all-time high" under her watch.  Here is what she doesn't tell you:

  • Almost half of graduates fail to meet a single readiness benchmark on the ACT.

  • Two-thirds of graduates who enter a two or four-year institution are not capable of finishing in less than six years.

  • Nearly half of graduates enrolled in community colleges need to take remedial courses because they are not prepared for community college classwork.

  • While the graduation rate for African American students is up to 82% in recent years, Atkinson does not tell you that only 35% of African American students obtain at least the minimum ACT score required for admission into the UNC system of colleges.

  • 60% of 4th graders are not competent readers.

  • Over 40% of employers in NC cited a “lack of education credentials” as one of their top challenges when seeking good candidates for good jobs. Put another way, June Atkinson’s dismal record at DPI is having a bad impact on the NC economy. Job creators want to locate where there are talented job-seekers.